October 22
The Mayflowers (feat: Chris Colbourn & Hilken Mancini)
The Mayflowers are Hilken (from Fuzzy on guitar/vocals), Chris (from Buffalo Tom on guitar/vocals), with Winston Bramen (from Fuzzy on bass), Pat MacDonald (on guitar/lap steel) and Mike Savage (on drums). They have recently recorded 8 songs with J Mascis helping out on guitar and production at Q Division. They file their music under: folky pop-rock ...

... Here’s two reviews of the split 7” single they released last year on Vital cog Records:
Super Heroes of Rock Team Up

Buffalo Tom's Chris Colbourn opens up this two-track, split 7" with a sincere tune that combines elements of pop, folk and country in a melodic and swaying manner. His vocals, combined with the music, are hard to resist. On the flip side, Hilken Mancini, of the great pop band Fuzzy, offers up a sweet and lovely tune that rides high on her amazing vocals. The music hops along at a pleasant, sunny afternoon kind of pace. (CM) (From impact press Dec/Jan '02)

shredding paper, issue #12
Colbourn's contribution is a mopey guitar ballad whose sadness is undeniably sweet. Colbourn's tenor is moody and heartsick, and the song has a sort of shambling country sadness that makes it both winsome and winning. It opens into a heavenly chorus of absolution and regret. Mancini's is similarly folkish, reminiscent of early Bettie Serveert. Her contribution is more acomplished and fresh than Colbourn's, propelled by a melody that moves insistanly up the scale, directing the song into a blissful melodic guitar line. Pure heaven. - J Edward Keyes